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5273 Canard Street Alexandria, VA 

Lot already approved to build!  

SOLD   7389 Greenwich Rd Nokesville, VA
5 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Sparkling Kitchen
Gorgeous Master Suite
Hardwood Floors, wet bar, storage, garage, huge laundry room, custom bathrooms, upgraded fixtures, new stainless appliances, 1.3 acres with stream!
Kelly Andrews - Agent with Metro Premier Homes

FOR SALE- 5198 Catlett Rd Midland, VA

FEATURED - 5273 Canard Street Alexandria, VA (Vacant LOT)

UNDER CONTRACT- 3639 Cattle Lands Dr Catlett, VA

SOLD- Fox Call Lane Warrenton, VA

SOLD- Cattle Lands Dr Catlett, VA

SOLD- Greenwich Rd Nokesville, VA

SOLD- 9129 Meetze Road Warrenton, VA

SOLD- 7609 Movern Lane, Warrenton, VA

SOLD- 6420 Swains Rd Marshall, VA

RENTED- Edington Drive, Warrenton, VA

SOLD- Bunker Hill Rd The Plains, VA

RENTED  - Crossfield Way Woodbridge, VA

SOLD- Topaz Court Warrenton, VA 20186

SOLD  James Madison Hwy The Plains, VA

SOLD- Yellow Hammer Drive Gainesville, VA 

RENTED- Kew Gardens Woodbridge, VA

SOLD- Beachall Street Chantilly, VA

SOLD- Park Place, Hume, VA

SOLD- Old Still House Rd, Boston, VA

SOLD- Cliffside Road, Linden, VA

RENTED- Cliffside Road, Linden, VA

SOLD-Keith Road, Warrenton, VA

SOLD- (not publicly listed), Manassas, VA

SOLD- Riley Road, Warrenton, VA

SOLD- 7389 Greenwich Rd Nokesville, VA

SOLD- Merry Oaks Rd The Plains, VA

SOLD- Burgandine Ave, Culpeper, VA

RENTED- Topaz Court Warrenton, VA

RENTED- Park Place Hume, VA

RENTED- Kew Gardens Woodbridge, VA

RENTED- Belvoir Rd Marshall, VA

SOLD- Merry Oaks Road The Plains, VA

SOLD- Waterloo Rd Amissville, VA

SOLD- Merry Oaks Road The Plains, VA 

RENTED- Caribbean Court, Fairfax, VA

RENTED- Crossfield Way, Woodbridge, VA

SOLD- Keith Road, Warrenton, VA

SOLD- James Madison Hwy, The Plains, VA

RENTED- Keith Road, Warrenton, VA